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55th-year Class Reunion October 4-5, 2019 - Page 3

More photos taken at our 55th-year class reunion in The Dalles

Old neighbors and friends: Diana Hillis, Elinor Drake LeBaron, and Nancy Roth McCall

Sharon Guischer Hull, Diane Anderson Wasson, and Tom Wasson

Elt Fadness, Laurie's husband

Penny Talbot Zeiler

Linda Guile ('65) and Donna DeMauro Sauncy

Neil Harth ('62) and John Pereira

Marnie McNeal Tobias and Kathy Rongerude Richardson

Lynn Guenther, Tom Jones and Larry Fulkerson in foreground

Left to right: Tammy Maffit Pearson, Vicki Crone Sallee, Elaine Smith Simpson, Jay Turkovsky, Lani Roberts, Phil Marick

John Pereira, Donna Duvall Dalton, Ken Jacroux, Tom Wasson

Front and only partial faces: Kathy Rongerude Richardson, Elaine Smith Simpson, Diana Cummins Compton, Pat Ryan Clausen, Donna Duvall Dalton
Center: Pam Sharpe Sasseen, Nancy Huskey Fear, Dana Foote Luedtke, Carol Wharton Shaub
Rear: Jay Turkovsky, Donna Bisset, Mary Ellen Rooper Harris, Tom Davis


55th Reunion Photos