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In Memoriam

Gene Holter
January 2, 1979

Gene Holter
graduated from The Dalles High School as Salutatorian of his class. He then graduated from The University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, joined the Navy for six years and worked on nuclear submarines. He earned a Master's Degree in Nuclear Engineering at Oregon State University in Corvallis.

Gene studied several languages including, French, Russian, and Spanish.

He was on submarines in the Navy, including the USS Tecumseh, and USS John C. Calhoun. He traveled the world and in 1971 went to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, In 1972 Gene was in Paris, France, England, Germany, and Scotland.

         ---info from Gene's sister, Marilyn (Holter) Hughes

Eulogy by Fred W. Decker, Ph. D. - Associate Professor as Oregon State University, January 6, 1979

"Gene David Holter's passing is mourned by many who knew him as a student, a scientist, a Naval officer, and a conscientious citizen.

Born in Portland, he grew up in communities along the Columbia River and saw the harnessing of that great river serving our energy needs. He grew up literally 'where rolls the Oregon.' High school opened special challenges, and he excelled in learning other languages in Mr. Radke's classes at The Dalles. At the University of Oregon he majored in physics, graduating with very high grades in 1968.

Accepting a commission in the United States Navy, he was selected personally by Admiral Rickover for duty with nuclear submarines. During 1968 to 1972 a major tour of duty was on the submarine "'Tecumseh' in the Atlantic. There he stood the long watches in the depths of the sea, alert to the threat of the Soviets. He shared a burden of our defense in a way few can fully imagine.

After leaving the Navy, he came to Oregon State University working for a second degree in nuclear engineering, which he received in 1975. Romance had blossomed and he had married Phyllis Jackson of Eugene in February 1975. he continued his studies and research to earn a Master of Science degree in nuclear engineering in the summer of 1977.

We who knew him at Oregon State University as a brother reserve officer recognized in him the same qualities of intellect and spirit, the valor, fidelity, and honor which had led to his selection for a commission and for an especially exacting type of duty.

As faculty members we saw Gene Holter as intelligent, creative, sensitive, courteous, kind to both people and animals, concerned, constructive, and thoughtful, a meticulous student and researcher. He showed the results of wide ranging study of the issues of these days. His scholarship included not only technical subjects related to his specialty but also history, philosophy, and ideology.

Gene Holter took part when many others seemed apathetic to major world issues, arranging constructive programs in the experimental college at OSU and supporting the meetings of Young Republicans, Young Americans for Freedom, Libertarians, INTACC, and China Students Association at the OSU Memorial Union.
He especially befriended foreign students at OSU from across the Pacific.

Let us remember Gene Holter for his challenge to all of use to be awake to the changes in the world around us, to prepare ourselves mentally, morally, and physically for the same kind of menace faced by other free people beyond the seas. And let us not attempt to go it alone but face the future with inspiration and guidance from above and in fellowship with others, cultivating friendly discussion as did Gene Holter in his life at OSU."

Fred W. Decker, Ph. D.

McHenry Funeral Home, Corvallis, Oregon