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45th-Year Reunion
Saturday, August 1, 2009
Windseeker Restaurant, The Dalles, OR

What a wonderful--albeit hot--evening was had by all who attended our 45th-year reunion. There were a lot of familiar faces but also many classmates who had never attended an earlier reunion. We hope everyone will mark their calendars now for late-July-early August 2014 for our 50th, which the organizing committee has already started to work on. Also on the committee but not pictured in the photo immediately below: Nancy Gray Proctor, Dave and Karen Cooper, Sandi Fisher Olson, Diana Cummins Compton, Nancy Roth McCall, Karen Endersby Lepinski, and Sharon Taylor.

Part of the organizing committee for the 45th:
Seated: John Pereira, Pat Ryan Clausen, Susie Harn Guenther
Standing: Lynn Guenther, Vicki Crone Sallee, and Laurie Stewart Fadness

Partial reunion organizing committee with interloper
Laurie Stewart Fadness, Elinor Drake LeBaron, Vicki Crone Sallee, John Pereira, Pat Ryan Clausen, Sue Harn Guenther

Pre-reunion lunch with Juanita Williams Cyphers, who couldn't attend reunion
Seated: Laurie Stewart Fadness, Juanita Williams Cyphers, Diana Cummins Compton

Standing: Sue Harn Guenther and Vicki Crone Sallee

Getting organized for group photo and drawing for quilt

Signature quilt designed,pieced, and donated by Laurie Stewart Fadness. Elaine Smith Simpson won the drawing and is now the proud owner of the quilt.

Examining Elaine Smith Simpson's quilt win and awaiting group photo.

More of the quilt and group.


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