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50th-year Class Reunion June 20-22, 2014 - Page 8 (Friday and Saturday)

Front row
: Dennis Stovall, Pam Sharpe Sasseen, Karen Knoll, Ray and Darlene Melvin
Back row: Terry Muller Madsen, Tammy Maffit Pearson, Diana Cummins Compton

Ray and Darlene Melvin


Visiting TDHS
From lower left to top right: Gene Bundy, Bob Jacobsen, Gayle Phipps Meredith, Tammy Maffit Pearson, Keith Bewley, Nancy Crabbe Bruch, Pam Sharpe Sasseen, Larry Fulkerson, Elinor Drake LeBaron, Ken Davis, Nancy Husky Fear, Scott Walker, Wendy Frizzell Willingham, Robert Salisbury, Adrian Herrick, Mick Thompson, Meri Euston Olmstead, Diana Cummins Compton.


In the gym: It will never look the same after the DHS mascot is changed to the Riverhawks.

From left to right: Meri, Pam, Nancy, Gayle, Larry, Nancy, Gene, Elinor,Scott, Wendy, Mick, Keith, Bob, Adrian, Ken, Robert, Diana, and Tammy


50th-Year Class Reunion June 20-22, 2014