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Sixth Grade, Spring 1958

Do you recognize our classmates in these old class photos? Is someone not identified, mis-identified, or a name spelled wrong? Please let us know.

Mrs. Hazel Walsh's Sixth Grade Class at The Dalles Junior High School

First row: Tommy Wasson, Lylas Whitwell, Pierre Goulet, Jay Turkovsky, Ken Hock, Pam Sharpe
Second row: Laurie Stewart, Pam Schweitzer, Charlene Newton, John McClaskey, Wendy Frizzell, Carole Mell, Sheila Kramer, Bill Weaver
Third row: Mrs. Walsh, Nancy Roth, Hazel Ruzic, Pat Sipe, Dana Foote, Pam Mayfield, Bev Martin
Fourth row: Harry Skandera, Gary Monahan, Mike Thornton, Bob Jacobsen, Cheryl Broer, Elinor Drake, Marilyn Turner

Mrs. Holloway's Sixth Grade Class at Colonel Wright School

First row: Don Davy (standing), Gayle McClellan, Carol Axtell, Vicky Van Rosslyn, Judee Westin, Lorna Carrier, Kristin Borg, Carol Wharton
Second row: Kathy Patton, Karen Endersby, Joan Bailey, Mary Ellen Rooper, Connie Grindle, Michelle Meeker, Lee Gayor, Steve Malcolm
Third row: Larry Fulkerson, Roy Garner, Bob Drinkard, Ray Leno, Darrell Watkins, Randy Banta
Fourth row: Leonard Olsen, Bill Todd, Ricky Fisk, Paul Roach, Rusty Anderson, James Weeks, Ray Hayworth, Tommy Davis, Richard ?

Mr. Newton's Sixth Grade Class at The Dalles Junior High School

First row: Mr. Newton, Nancy Huskey, Joan Darby, Ron Elton, Darryl Watkins, ??, Tammy Maffit
Second row: Dennis Mullenberg, Jim Mosier, Reed Rosling, ?? , Dick Cowan, Patty Krier
Third row: Bill Mosier, ??, Bob Loftin, Ray Morrero?, Karen Blazer, Juanita Williams, RayeAnne Kibby
Fourth row: Ray Melvin, Dave Cooper, ??, ??, Jerry Miller, Jim Pettijohn, Jack Miller, John Oades

Mrs. Heldstab's Sixth Grade Class at The Dalles Junior High School

Front row: ??, ??, ??, Karen Brenner, Lorna Carrier, ??, ??, ??, ??
Second row: ??, ??, Jim Wadell, Alan beck, Eric Madsen, ??
Third row: Mrs. Heldstab, Barbara Spenst, Sandy Holmes,??, Chris Jensen, Kathy Rongerude,
Fourth row: Ray Leno, ??, Bob Ford, Tommy ?, ??, Nancy Gray

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