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40th Year Class Reunion Photos
Saturday's Activities

Jackie Duff Crowson, Bob Guile, Keith Bewely, Linda Bowen Guile

Vicki Crone Sallee, John Pereira, and Cheryl Broer Grant

Diana Cummins Compton and Judee Westin

Patty Krier and Marsha Ivy Westwick

Cheryl Broer Grant, Sharon Day Wright, and Pat Wright

?? and Barbara and John Ellsworth

Dennis Stovall and Gayle Bechtold Wageman

Phyllis and Dick Charles

Elaine Smith Simpson, Diane Christopherson Wingerd, and Nancy Roth McCall

Paul and Juanita Williams Cyphers and Diana Cummins Compton and Carl Compton

John and Wendy Frizzell Willingham, Cora Otteson Lohnes, and Ken Jacroux

Jerry and Jack Miller, Steve Mauser, and Meri Euston Olmstead

?? and David Brown

Gene Bundy, Jim Pettyjohn, and Bob Jacobsen

Shot of group

Jodi and John Altendorf and Dennis Stovall

Karen Cooper, Patty Krier, and Tom Connolly

Ken Jacroux, John Willingham, Wendy Frizzell Willingham, Pat Ryan Clausen, Karen Cooper

Lana Molesworth Grell and husband

Lenore Hall Child

Patty Krier, Marsha Ivy Westwick, Karen Endersby Lepinski

Dave Cooper, Karen Cooper, Diana Cummins Compton, Elinor Drake LeBaron, and Gayle Wageman

Pearl Trotter Esson, Connie Grindle Creighton, Gayle Bechtold Wageman

Pearl Trotter Esson and Pam Sharpe Sasseen

Charlene Egbert Banta and Randy Banta

Shari Greiner McConnell

Nancy Huskey Fear

Judee Westin

Gary and Nancy Bruch, Diane Christopherson Wingerd, and Judee Westin

Lani Roberts, Dennis Stovall, and Scott Walker

Elinor Drake LeBaron, Paul and Juanita Williams Cyphers

John Altendorf, Nancy Huskey Fear, Ginny Kelly, Nancy Roth McCall, and Diana Cummins Compton

40th Reunion Photos