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Fortieth Reunion Photos

Apologies for the quality of the photos. One large photo was cut into three and everyone was so small and difficult to identify that this has been enlarged, but with poor resolution.

Fortieth Year Reunion (left portion of photo)

Front Row (kneeling): Dave Cooper, Rick Fiske, Bob Loftin
Second Row (seated): Alan Beck, Jackie Duff Crowson, Donna Duvall Dalton, Penny Talbot Zeiler
Third Row: Tom Jones, Nancy Gray Proctor, Steve Cyphers, Pam Mayfield, Karen Ward, Marsha Ivey Westwick, Pearl Trotter Esson, Cora Otteson Lohnes, Carol Wharton Pennala
Fourth Row (starting fifth from left): Gene Bundy, Bruce Zeiler, Jim Pettijohn, Bob Jacobsen, Scott Walker

Fortieth Year Reunion (center portion of photo)

Front Row (kneeling): Harry Skandera, Jack Miller, Jerry Miller, Bill McBurney, Pam Sharpe Sasseen, Leonard Olson
Second Row (seated): Nancy Huskey Fear, Nancy Roth McCall, Shari Greiner, Pat Ryan Clausen, Vicki Crone Sallee, Diana Cummins Compton, Cheryl Broer Grant
Third Row: Dana Foote Luedtke, Meri Euston Olmstead, Elaine Smith Simpson, ??, Judee Westin, Kay Shaw Meier, Connie Grindle Creighton
Fourth Row: John Altendorf, Suzanne Thomas Kelley, Kathy Stone Hutsell, ??, Dennis Stovall, John Ellsworth, Lani Roberts (in front of John), Diane Christopherson Wingerd
Fifth Row: Dick Charles, Dick Cowan, Steve Mauser, Sue Westby (in front of Steve), Diana Hillis Comini, Elinor Drake LeBaron, Tom Davis

Fortieth Year Reunion (right portion of photo)

Front Row (kneeling): Bob Guile, Keith Bewley, Jay Turkovsky, John Pereira, Ken Jacroux
Second Row (sitting): Laurie Stewart Fadness, Judy McConnell, Bill Mosier, Jim Mosier, Juanita Williams Cyphers
Third Row: Nancy Crabb Bruch, Gayle Phipps Meredith, Patty Krier, Karen Endersby Lepinski, Lenore Hall Child, Gayle Bechtold Wageman, Sandy Fisher Olson, Shannon Priebus Fitzgibbons, Sharon Day Wright
Fourth Row (standing): David Brown, Joe Pishon, Randy Banta (behind Nancy and Gayle), Bill Bussey, Dave Jurief, Jim Weeks, Joe LaFranc, Paul Cyphers

Reunion Photos