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Twentieth Reunion Photo

Please help us identify those not identified, correct spelling, and include correct last names for those women whose married names are not included.

Twentieth Year Reunion (left portion of photo)

Front Row: Jim Weeks, Wally Lewis, Jay Turkovsky, ??, Dave Cooper, Bruce Zeiler
Second Row: Larry Lange, Bill McBurney, Monte Wasson, Dan VanVactor, John Pereira, Lynn Guenther, Dick Charles
Third Row: Terry Muller, ??, Vicki Crone Sallee, Suzanne Thomas, Dana Foote Luedtke, Gayle Phipps, Carol Wharton, Karen Ward, Laurie Stewart, Elaine Smith
Fourth Row (standing): Nancy Huskey, Cheryl Broer, Diane Christopherson Wingerd, Nancy Crabbe, Sue Harn Guenther, Donna Duvall, Diana Cummins Commpton, Sandy Fisher Olson?
Fifth Row (standing): Tom Jones, ??, Scott Walker, Elinor Drake LeBaron, Scarlett Eastman, Jim Mosier, Bill Mosier, Leonard Olson

Twentieth Year Reunion (right portion of photo)

Front Row: Steve Cyphers, Adrian Herrick, Ron Elton, Sharon Stout, Susan Winters
Second Row: ??, ??, ??, Jack Shaw, Gary Monaghan, ??, ??
Third Row: Wendy Frizzell, Lani Roberts, Shannon Priebus, ??, Carolyn Gahimer, Kay Shaw, Mike Thornton, Sharon Rise, Sue Westby, ??
Fourth Row: Sandy Fisher Olson, ?? Gayle McClellan Decker, ??, John Ellsworth, ??, Ginny Kelly
Fifth Row: Pam Mayfield, Laurie Stewart, Cora Otteson, Juanita Williams
Sixth Row: Leonard Olson , Mickey Thompson (behind Leonard), ??, Bonnie Childers, Pat Ryan Clausen, Paul Cyphers, Bob Guile, Tammy Maffit


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