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Thirtieth Reunion Photos

Thirtieth Year Reunion (left portion of photo)

Front Row: (seated) ??, Linda Bradford, Laurie Stewart McDonald, Bill Mosier, Jim Mosier
Second Row: Bob Ames, Mike Thornton, Meri Euston Olmstead, Bob Ford, ??, Lani Roberts, Kathy Rongerude, Dick Cowan
Third Row: Keith Bewley, Elinor Drake LeBaron, Kathy Cummins Compton, Shari Greiner, Leonard olson, Dennis Stovall (in front of Leonard), Terry Muller, Suzanne Thomas, Diana Hillis Comini
Fourth Row: Phil Marick, Bob Guile, Diane Christopherson Wingerd, ??, Vicki Crone?, ??, ??, ??, Nancy Roth McCall
Fifth Row: Larry Lange, Bruce Zeiler, ??, ??, ??, Jay Turkovsky, ?? (behind Jay), ??, ??, ??, ??

Thirtieth Year Reunion (right portion of photo)

Front Row (seated): Ken Jacroux, Wally Lewis, John Pereira
Second Row (seated): Susan Winters, ??, ??, ??
Third Row (standing): Dick Charles, ??, Gayle Phipps, Carol Wharton, Dana Foote Luedtke, Bev Martin, Tom Jones, ??
Fourth Row (standing): ??, John Ellsworth, ??, ??, Donna Duvall, Pam Sharpe, Kathy Patton
Fifth Row (standing): John Altendorf, Bill McBurney, Wendy Frizzell (in front of Bill), ??, ??, Sue Harn Guenther, Rick Fisk, Sue Westby, Nancy Huskey
Sixth Row (standing): Sandy Fisher Olson, Dave Cooper, ?? (in front of Dave) ??, ??, Lynn Guenther, ??, Shari Greiner, ??, ??


Reunion Photos